(FREE) Healing with the EarthLight & Alignment Essences

Learn how to release stress and restore your flow, wellbeing, joy and abundance with the support of the EarthLight and Alignment Essences.  

A free Training and 18 complimentary Essences and their affirmations for sensitive and intuitive people who want to heal and align their energy, grow their confidence in their intuition, and raise their vibration so that they can have the health, wealth and happiness they desire.


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Receive a powerful FREE Training showing you how you can connect with the EarthLight and Alignment Essences to release stress, let go of the blocks that have been holding you back, bring your energy into flow, and open up to the abundance, ease, joy and freedom you desire.

The EarthLight Essences and the Alignment Essences are unique, gentle and empowering – and provide a beautiful and simple way to connect with frequencies of the Universe to support you release limiting energies that have been holding you back, and align instead with how you would love to be feeling and what you would love to be experiencing in your life.

Listening to this audio while connecting with the Essences will not only help you to heal and align your energy, emotions and thoughts, but will also support you to open up your ability to sense and read energy and grow your confidence in your intuition.

This is for you if you would love to start getting to know how you can tap into the healing frequencies of Nature and the Universe to support you to:

  • grow your ability to sense and read energy
  • release stress, struggle, lack and self doubt,
  • open up to align with flow, simplicity, joy, abundance and freedom,
  • feel clear and confident in yourself and in your intuition,
  • create the reality that you desire in your life.

The Healing with the Frequencies of the Universe Audio Training, together with the 10 EarthLight and 8 Alignment Essences, will support you to release stress, open up to abundance, increase your clarity and confidence, connect with your intuition, feel safe and protected, and so much more. 

You’ll receive:

  • The Healing with the Frequencies of the Universe Audio – to support you to release stress and other limiting energies, emotions and beliefs, and to open up to and connect with freedom, joy, ease, abundance and empowerment (while at the same time growing your confidence in your intuition),
  • The 10 EarthLight Essences and 8 Alignment Essences, with their Affirmations – to support you to heal your energy, and connect with the healing energies and support of the Universe.

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Please note:

‘Healing with the EarthLight & Alignment Essences’ is intended for education and support only. It is not a substitute for professional medical, financial, business or legal advice. Anyone suffering or struggling in these areas should seek the appropriate qualified professional advice.