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Here are just a few of the testimonials and feedback I’ve received from my amazing and gorgeous clients. Thank you so much for your permission to share. It’s been a pleasure! 


Private & Group Sessions

 “Janine has taught me so much over the years. It’s hard to know how to express my gratitude. She has been my mentor for over 5 years. First and foremost she taught me to trust and believe in my unique gifts and talents. Without the work I’ve done with her I wouldn’t be as strong, happy and confident and I am today. Thanks to her I never gave up. She was there to guide me when I had extremely hard times.

I joined the Alignment Circle, in which she teaches us as a group to clear our channel, align with our higher self, the universe, nature intelligences, angels, group consciousnesses and higher beings. This daily practice I’ve been taught has truly changed my life. I feel more connected to myself, to nature and to everything and everyone around me. I experience how the universe wants to work through us, guide us and help us. This will only happen is we allow it to and step out of our own way. Janine is the perfect person to help you to do this whilst feeling safe and supported. “ 

Beatrice, Australia

♥ “The Alignment Circle has been a lightbulb experience for me. Doing the check-in every morning has been magical. Feeling into how I AM brings peace, calm, joy and energy for the day. Going deeper expands all senses and opens up the connection to multi-dimensions and intelligences that assist us on the road to a clearer and healthier self. The whole process has feelings of gratitude welling up every day.” 

Patricia, Belgium

♥ These 5 weeks were special. To get into harmony with my higher self and all the things this implies is lovely. The essences are so helpful and sweet; full of grace and gentle. I will not end this journey.”

Saskia, The Netherlands


♥ “Finally I was blessed with the perfect gathering of beautiful souls and a space lovingly and expertly held by Janine in which I could reveal and release lifetimes of conditioning, traumas and stuck energies and become who I am meant to be in all its Light and Love and Wisdom and Joy and Peace.”  

Mahesh Patrick, Ireland.


♥  I’m amazed at how far I have come and how easy and quick it was to move through so much stuff that I thought I’d worked on already either 1-1 or in group classes. With you working with me each week I got through the issues in a very practical and real way, with no hype just real change. I’m coping so much better with things that are very stressful and not getting stressed out about things that actually don’t matter. Thank you again so very much. I’d have been lost without you! You are a true facilitator of change and healing in our world.”

M-R M, Ireland 


♥ Janine is uniquely gifted as a spiritual guide. I have benefitted hugely from her guidance during the three month course I just did with her. Janine has helped me to come into an understanding of, and an acceptance of, my own spiritual gifts in a very straightforward manner. Working with Janine has brought me into a focused understanding of how to work practically with the spiritual dimension. I have been able to articulate for myself my dream of how I want my career to develop. I also have a strong sense of how to bring this dream to fruition. I now feel a calm confidence around working with my talents and spiritual gifts. Best of all is Janine’s complete calm in the face of unusual spiritual experiences. Janine has inspired a similar confidence and self-belief in me around my gifts. She helped to me see how the energy of past traumas was still playing out in my life and holding me back.  I have learned how to let go of it. I am immensely grateful to have been put in touch with her by Liz Svennson. I wish Janine love and light and I know that all who work with her will be equally blessed as I have been.”

A K, Ireland


♥ “Dear Janine, Just a little note to say thank you for being the most remarkable inspirational spiritual guide. Every day I am grateful that I met you. You have a very special gift and a wonderfully gentle way of practicing your talents. There’s just nobody quite like you! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for those transformative one-to-one sessions I did with you back in Autumn. My life is so much more interesting and intuitive and the synchronicities are incredible.”

Melanie, Ireland, www.herstory.ie


♥  Janine has a true gift to read energy like I’ve never encountered before. The work she does is one of amazing co-creation. She includes the person that receives the healing in this process which makes it very special. The experience that blew me away most was a healing we did together when my father was in intensive care. the doctors had given up on him. Being a high sensitive myself I felt he wasn’t ready to leave his body. That evening Janine guided me through a healing session which included him in the healing process. As a boy my dad had been very sick during the war. Janine and I discovered by reading his energy that he had drowned in a past life. I had been his sister and had trie to save him, without luck. This explained his illness and a young boy in this life time and now again he had a lot of fluids behind his lungs. Janine and I re-wrote his story, our story. In this re-written story I managed to save him. We played together in a  filed as we’re big mates as in this life time. the next morning when my mum, my brother and I came back to hospital he was conscious for the first time since a whole month. Soon after he left hospital. I believe this healing session gave him an extra year with us. Not long before he died, I asked him, ‘Do you know that we know each other for a very long time?’. He said “Yes”. I continued: “Do you know that we have been brother and sister before?”. Again he responded with, ‘Yes’. Knowing he knew was a precious gift too – still to this day it helps me to feel connected with him.” 

Beatrice, Australia

♥ “BIG, HUGE gratitude to the universe for bringing Janine Thorp into my life as a guide. Her support could not be more appreciated. My life is forever transformed thanks to her insights, encouragement and naturally authentic presence.”

Emma, Ireland


♥  “Janine’s work is hugely transformative, while being totally easy. We chat, she asks questions and I check inside for the answers. Really, nothing to it, except that it reaches my ‘blind spots’ and helps me connect with the always helpful array of infinite energies that are here to assist me. Her way of working suits me to a T and though I’m not done yet, I see and feel some profound shifts in my life already. This work has helped me to connect with that amazing flow where life shows up as a series of exciting adventures waiting to be enjoyed. I also am more and more understanding events that are happening from a higher perspective which allows me to respond to them from my calm, resourceful place. In my work with clients I’ve also noticed a huge shift. More people are now coming to me. I trust what shows up in the session and what comes through me now so much more. And I see my clients gaining some wonderful new grounds. This is so empowering and fun! Well worth every penny.”  

Maya Benharroch, Intuitive and Relationship Coach, Ireland, www.UnconditionalJoy. com


♥  ”I loved working with Janine, it’s very much ‘co-creation’. How can you really describe energy flow and clearing? For me it was all about how it made me feel and what I got out of it. Through Janine’s coaching I was able to finish a book that had eluded me for a long time. I have transformed my feelings about money and learned so much about the limitations I had set for myself. Working with Janine will transform your life. ”

KT Finegan, Author and Healer, Scotland, www.ktfinegan.com


♥  “Working on a deep energetic level with Janine Thorp is a pleasure. It’s all done through long distance healing over the phone. In working with Janine, my heart has been lit with light. Being filled with lightness, inspiration and positive possibilities again is a gift. I feel free. These are the benefits for me in doing this healing work with a loving and a kind healer like Janine. She is a compassionate empath and a sincere healer who brings me back to remember my strength and power that lies within me. After releasing the heaviness which I have been holding in my heart for 7 months now, I am able to feel great. As a result, my joyful heart is now ready to move forward with this fresh new understanding and passion which I have been holding back to explore – a new career!  I am looking very much forward to experience the new me. Thank you Janine for your sweet and loving energetic healing. It works for me and I am sure that many will also benefit from your sweet healing work! “

 Maya,  Artist, Designer and Healer,  Los Angeles, California


 “This is truly life changing for me. It’s the first time I’m getting a breakthrough within an area that I’ve been struggling with for a very long time. Thank you so so much!”

Tiffany Vanderhorst, USA,    Miracle Mindset Coach,  www.themiraclescoach.com


 “Thank you to you, dear Janine for helping me to connect to my own truth in an incredibly powerful way today; freeing me to express things MY WAY! Not the way people say they ‘should’ be said!. You really have given me wings to be myself in my biz. You’ve been the catalyst for all this! Thank yoU! it’s like all the pieces have been joined up in the right way suddenly. Eternally gratefully to you :-).”

Dr Melissa Wright, India, www.thesunshinedoctor.com


♥ “I just had a phone session with Janine, and she masterfully reflected my own words and energy back at me which had the effect of removing the blocks that I had energetically erected to keep myself from moving forward. She very gently made me aware of what needed to be done and gave me the visual and spiritual tools to keep myself in my new space. I feel confident that with the continued use of these tools, my business and my personal life will begin to flourish and grow as much as I want it to. Janine has shown me that I had the power all along, it just had to be clarified and accepted to be able to be of use. Thank you, Janine”

Stephanie Woods, USA, Singing Bowl Therapy


 “We accomplished in 30 minutes what I’ve been struggling with for a very long time. I now feel clear around who I want to work with and how I want to move forward. My marketing feels very simple now, and I have a real sense of the difference I can make to the women I know I can help.”
Marlene Grimes-Stokes, Transformational Coach, USA    www. marlenestokes.com, www. astrategicintervention.com.


 “Today I experienced a business and life changing session with Janine. She powerfully, beautifully and delicately guided me to journey within to uncover my truth. The experience was profound.
With Janine’s deep loving connection, I was able to let go of stuff that’s been holding me back and step into my own unique power and gifts. I felt I owned who I really am in my biz from deep, deep within. And I feel inspired and excited to now start sharing that truth – MY TRUTH – with the world. She really has given me wings to fly. She’s an incredible lady of love, joy and delight. Thank you Janine.”
Dr Melissa Wright, India, www. thesunshinedoctor.com


 ” I just had a session with Janine and it was amazing! She asked permission to read my energy and did so in a precise, caring and gentle way, while guiding me through visualisations based on what she saw in my energy. It felt as though she was reminding my energy that it can unblock itself, and my body that it can heal itself, in a very deep way. Thank you!”

Hila Marcus, Healer and Life Coach, Israel 


  “In just one day of signing into your money transformation higher energy field, I got around £460 from my bank due to a mistake they did in calculating interest on my loan. Coincidence? .. I don’t think so! How amazing is that?!”

Marta Paulo, England


 “This 30-day abundance program has been so amazing that I continue to listen to these recordings well past the 30-days of dedication. The energies contained within have changed the way I think and feel, and what I attract, and how I relate to what I attract in a truly life-changing way. Do it! Buy it! Listen everyday! You won’t regret it. “,

Patrick Bridgeman, Ireland, www.bestselfphotography.com


  “I want to thank you you, Janine, and the B’s, and all the amazing energies that have helped me with all this amazing abundance.

     Due to an ever increasing bank overdraft I had to give notice to leave my flat , find a way to pay off my overdraft and find somewhere to live. Not what I expected at 52!! It looked pretty dismal as the only thing was to rent a room in someone’s house so I could pay less rent and hopefully get the overdraft down.
     For about 5 weeks I didn’t ask to win the lottery or for an inheritance etc, I just asked for abundance in every part of my life for my highest good and also help with letting go of my flat.
     Every day during these 5 weeks I listened to your “Abundance Download” and the “Loving Yourself” audios last thing at night and first thing in the morning, and I believed that I would be supported through this practice.
     Then, out of nowhere, two things happened at virtually the same time: One, I was asked if I would support a lady who was due to travel to another city for 2 weeks for some health treatment, and I would be paid enough to cover my overdraft and have money left over. And two, I also received an email offering me to stay in a beautiful meditation transformation centre in the middle of the forest in Costa Rica, for free!!! All I would need to pay would be my flight and food!!!!
     Now I really know that with the help of the energy that I connected with when I listened to these audios, our amazing energy friends, Trust and technology, I can manifest beyond my wildest dreams!!!!
     Love from a very happy and abundant Beverley.”
Beverley Hughes, England


  “I just experienced an activation with Janine, and it was so profound. Feels like I have opened up more channels to allow my multidimensional nature to express itself in the here and now. Janine’s abilities as a catalyst are beyond compare. I’m floating in bliss.”

David Rabone, Light Grids Practitioner, Scotland 


 “From my Heart, THANK YOU for yesterday…for the new crystal frequency, for your beautiful energy! It felt really something else, flowing thru every cell in my body. I can not describe it properly, so much was going on. There were so many pieces … But what I can describe is how I’m feeling now …a ‘state of being’ where I truely feel comfortable, my mind, soul and body feel aligned. I can ‘feel’ my channel, my natural state of being every moment now. I feel fully in myself. Yesterday’s workshop ‘flicked the switch’ for me. Its ‘awesome’. Thank you Janine.
Bashar puts it very well ..” THIS is how I want to feel all the time. THIS is who I really am. THIS is the frequency of energy I operate best on. THIS is my creative energy. THIS is my natural self.
There feels like there are so many possibilities since you gave me the ‘ACTIVATION’ a while ago, and yesterday flicked the switch fully on to a beautiful awareness that I don’t just KNOW about now but FEEL also.
Janine, I really appreciate your work and energy. It was a beautiful session. In every session it feels like my channel gets an upgrade that’s very personal and unique to me. Looking forward to more!”

Louise Kearns, Light Grids Practitioner, Ireland


  “(This work has) changed my life so much for the better. It was an amazing, beautiful experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.”  Patrick Bridgeman, Journalist, Photographer, Artist and Healer, Ireland


 The essences are so good. They’re incredible. I can’t even find words to describe the difference they make.” , C.H., England


♥ “Janine stands out as one of the most powerful, precise and harmonious healers and channels I’ve ever experienced.Her work is unusually subtle, swift, and for me, has led to wonderful healing and balancing effects that tangibly enhanced my well being and quality of life.”  T.O., Ireland


 “I came to Janine with what appeared to be an unanswerable problem, with many levels of energetic entanglement. I left with a feeling of peace, harmony and a sense that a huge knot had been unravelled in my psyche. This was achieved elegantly, simply, compassionately, gently and what really shone through was Janine’s deep feeling for the world of energy from which we all emanate and seek to express our soul qualities. Janine is one of Nature’s ladies and I cannot recommend her or her work more highly.” Susan Martin, Ireland


♥ “Janine’s sessions are gentle, supportive, joyful, affirming, informative and fun. It has all made so much sense to me, and at times the information has been amazing. Janine has a precious gift of communicating with one’s own energy and with that of higher vibrations.” V.T., Ireland


 ” I have worked with 3 sets of essences over the past year now, the EarthLight, Light of the Angels and Nature Essences, and have been truly amazed how fast and effectively they have helped me work through issues in my life. In this sometimes difficult world they have helped me to be happy and centred in my own being and have given me a greater love and understanding for myself and the Divine.”  P.O., Australia


♥ ” Working with (these frequencies) led me to a Oneness with the energy that has profoundly changed my life.”  P.B., Ireland



The Healing Space Membership

  “I love the Essences so much. They’re so lovely and such a great support – they’re just so perfect. There’s so much detail in each one and each paragraph is so relevant. They really resonate!”

 “Even just reading the description is so powerful – I already feel my energy changing. This means so much to me.”

 “I look forward so much to receiving each essence each week. Each one meets me exactly where I’m at and gently moves me forward. I feel so refreshed by this week’s one.”

 “What a fantastic essence! It’s coming in at just the right time. Thank you!”

 “Thank you so much for these powerful essences. They have helped me so much to come through these last weeks of the year, that are most of the times hard to cope with emotionally. I was able to finish something I never thought I would be able to… ;-D”

 “Thank you so much for creating this and for the soul-blueprint session especially – it was a ray of sunshine and realignment I needed”

 “Thank you so much for this audio! It’s incredibly beautiful  Exactly what I needed. It amazes me how the healing, the energetic, the written detail feel so one-to-one, so personal. I’m so grateful to be a part of what you are creating – for everyone and for the world.”

 “I’m so grateful to you and the Intelligences for the support and encouragement that I and we all receive!”

 “I love the meditations and the idea of the healing space that I can go to. I am sleeping better since listening to the first one from last week and have started to formulate goals which support and nourish my life.”

 “Your videos this week helped me feel much more grounded and more empowered, and helped me gain confidence in my own intuition as there was quite a few things I just knew you were going to say, so thank you. I have felt a huge shift this week. I knew the sessions were for everyone but so much felt so personal.”



Conscious Engagement

 ‘ This is incredible – it’s completely changing the way I feel about myself.’

 ‘ This new energy is amazing! It’s actually changing my life! The results are showing up immediately. Even my daughter is changing!’

  ‘ I love that I know exactly what to do and how long to do it for.’

 ‘ My whole self-awareness is changing.’

 ‘ I feel that I am in a totally different place in myself. In fact I feel like I’m becoming the ‘me’ I never even knew existed.’

 ‘ People are behaving differently with me.’

♥ ‘ I’m starting to find it hilarious! – almost every time I do the steps, someone phones me or gets in touch with me – and each time my project moves forward.’

 ‘ I feel so strong and balanced when I work with this. Everything seems to just flow.’

 ‘ The food I’m drawn to eat is healthier, I now want to exercise …. even the energy of my home is changing – all without even trying!’

 ‘ Of all the things I’ve done, nothing touches this.’