Join us in our Monthly

Earth Harmony Process

On the first day of each month, I invite You to support the earth & all life here by doing

The Monthly Earth Harmony Process

On the first day of every month, I invite you to join us in doing one small but impactful thing to support the Earth and all Life here.

To do this, you will need to work with either the Universal & Nature Intelligence Essences or the Spirit of Nature Essences and/or the essential oils of plants, using the steps I describe below. It will take less than 5 minutes, once a month.

On the same day – the 1st of each month – we will all infuse the energy of an essence and/or shift the energy of an essential oil to our personal environment with the intention of balancing, stabilising and strengthening the soil, atmosphere and elements there, so that it can more easily, gracefully and effectively support the harmony and wellbeing of the people, animals, plants, minerals and creative projects that are a part of the biosphere.

When we do this, each one of us can make a huge impact on the harmony and wellbeing of the Earth and all Life here. When we do this regularly and rhythmically on the same day each month, we not only support steady transformation in our own life but we can can also change the world.

The steps are simple and only take 5 minutes or less, and yet can make a big difference.

Invite your friends, family and colleagues who might like to also join in either this month or on the first of next month. The more people who participate, the greater the impact will be both in each of our personal lives as well as globally.,

The Earth Harmony Process steps

Essences and pure essential oils provide healing frequencies and sacred geometrical patterns of Nature and the Universe that support the balance, stability and vitality of an environment.

As well as working with them to support our own personal wellbeing, we can also work with them to strengthen, balance and stabilise the biosphere of our homes, gardens and workspaces – the environments in which we spend so much time and that have a huge impact on us emotionally, mentally and physically.

So below is how you can do this monthly harmonising process for your home, your garden, your office, your car and for any other land or property that you either own, rent or are responsible for maintaining – and hence make a difference to the whole of the Earth.

Important: Focus only on your own biosphere. Don’t intrude on your neighbour or your neighbouring community or another country. Only include environment sand biospheres that are in your direct care.

For this, you will need either the Universal & Nature Intelligence Essences, or the Spirit of Nature Essences and/or pure essential oils, a clean spoon and about 5 minutes. (See below to find out where you can get these.)

1. Focus your attention on your environment and say, “I want to connect with Nature to do the Earth Harmony Process for my personal environment and to provide strength, balance and stability to support harmony for all Life on Earth”. Wait 10 seconds.

2. Describe your home and/or land succinctly. Say it aloud. For instance, you can use your address or focus on a sketch, photo or plan of your home, room/apartment, garden, farm or land. Keep a copy of your description so that you can easily refer to it each month.

3. Choose an essence or essential oil intuitively, by choosing the one that catches your eye, that you feel drawn to or whose name pops into your mind. Alternatively you can use your Sway or kinesiology to choose, or simply choose the one that you like the best.

4. If you’re using essential oils, then place 1 drop onto your palm or onto  clean spoon. Hold your palm or the spoon out in front of you and say, “I want to shift the energies of this essential oil to the soil, atmosphere and elements of the location I’ve described, to support its balance, stability and vitality and to provide the strength and support need to support harmony for all Life on Earth.” Continue to hold your palm or spoon out in front of you for 10 seconds. 

If you’re using essences, then read the affirmation to help you to connect with it, and then say, “I want to infuse the frequencies of this Essence into the soil, atmosphere and elements of the location I’ve described, to support its balance, stability and vitality and to provide the strength and support need to support harmony for all Life on Earth.” Wait 10 seconds.

You can use either an essence or an essential oil, or both. 

5. The shift occurs automatically. After 10 seconds, the shift and/or infusion is compete and you are finished. Say thank you to Nature for doing the shift with your and then continue on with the rest of your day. 

6. Repeat again the next month. 🙂

Tip: put a reminder onto your calendar or into your diary

Note: You can do this Process at any time and it will make a difference. The impact simply becomes so much larger when done collectively at the same time as multiple other people. 🙂


Where to get the Essences & Essential oils


You can get 12 complimentary essences when you join the FREE Spirit of Nature Club, or you can purchase the decks of cards in my shop.

Essential Oils 

Find out about the essential oils that I use and love here


Please join us & Do this process Monthly on the first day of each month