Universal & Nature Intelligence Cards, #1 & #2 Combo


These 2 decks of powerful channelled Essence Cards and their spiritual affirmations will support you to release stress and come into flow so that you can thrive in your human life experience.

They will empower you to open up to your intuition and to your spiritual gifts so that you can live with joy and ease, feeling fulfilled, abundant and aligned with your purpose.

Choose a new Essence each morning or whenever you would like some support, and its powerful energy will empower and uplift you throughout the rest of the day.

No matter what is going on in your life, and no matter how challenging this may be, you are always deeply loved and supported by Nature and the Universe, and these Essences give you a simple way to receive their healing, teaching and creating energies.

See below for more details on the Essence Sets that are included in these collections.



These 2 collections of Universal & Nature Intelligence Essences provide a remarkable toolkit for navigating through life with greater ease, and a simple and easy way to consciously engage with the higher Intelligence within you, within Nature and within the Universe. Their healing, teaching and creative energies support and empower you to:

~ awaken your intuition and spiritual gifts,
~ release stress and come into flow,
~ align with confidence, joy, freedom and empowerment,
~ heal your heart and open up to love,
~ activate your abundance and prosperity,
~ live your purpose in a way that feels joyful and fulfilling for you,
~ feel more connected with Nature, Source and the Universe.

In Collection #1 are: 

  • The EarthLight Essences, supporting you to thrive as an infinite being having a human life experience.
  • The Light of the Angels Essences, supporting you to connect and to communicate with the Angels and Archangels.
  • The Nature Essences, supporting you to have a strong, healthy and whole energy field and a bright and vibrant aura.
  • The Chakra Clear Essences, supporting you to have clear, healthy, flowing and vibrant chakras and energy field.
  • The Body Stability Essences, supporting you to restore balance, stability, wellbeing and vitality to your body.
  • The Inner Child Essences, supporting you to reconnect with the joy, strength and enthusiasm of your inner child.
  • The Inter-Person Light Essences, supporting you to have light-filled and loving relationships with yourself, with others and with the Universe.
  • Guide to Using the Essence Cards so that you can tap in the wisdom and Intelligence of Nature and the Universe with confidence and ease.

In Collection #2 are:

  • The Alignment Essences, supporting you to release resistances, realign with your authentic Self and reconnect with Source.
  • The Creating Essences, supporting you to tap into your ability to co-create with multi-dimensional energies to manifest what you’d love.
  • The Expansion Transformation Essence Set, supporting you to move through transformation and expansion with ease, grace and flow.
  • The One World Essences, supporting you to open up to and manifest a new world of love, joy, peace and harmony with all.
  • The Purpose, Path & Direction Essences, supporting you to open up to your channel, share your message and live your purpose.
  • The Universal Codes, supporting you to take a quantum leap into your next level frequency of ascension, empowerment and abundance.
  • A Guide to Using the Essence Cards, so that you can tap in the wisdom and Intelligence of Nature and the Universe with confidence and ease.

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