The Spirit of Nature Essential Oil Essence Cards


These beautiful Channelled Essential Oil Essences are designed to assist those who are seeking to connect with the wisdom of Nature and the healing energies of plants and their pure essential oils.

Nature is always ready to help and guide humanity towards more balance, stability and harmony – and its positive and uplifting energies are wonderfully expressed in this new card deck, to empower you to open up to your own higher consciousness, enhance your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and create more flow and ease in your life.


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Each card in this wonderful deck shares the Essence of a different essential oil or essential oil blend, with an affirmation to support you to connect with its healing and teaching frequencies.

Intended for inspiration and empowerment, they work with your energy, thoughts and emotions to support you to open up to new insights, raise your levels of consciousness and realign your energy with ease, flow and harmony.

They can help you to release limiting thoughts and beliefs, heal unresolved emotions, connect with your intuition, and open up to new vitality, abundance and the freedom to live your life aligned with what’s truly important to you.

This collection of 62 unique Essential Oil Essences can support you to:

  • expand into a new level of health, wellbeing, and happiness,
  • increase your ability to manifest the abundance, freedom and fulfilment you desire, and
  • open up your intuition, spiritual gifts and connection with Nature and the Universe.

They are designed to be used by themselves, or together with physical essential oils, enhancing your connection with them and amplifying the benefits you can receive from them.