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The Nature Project

an invitation to support the earth, biodiversity & humanity to thrive in harmony, balance & stability by taking part in

The Nature Project

The Nature Project was born from a desire to support the Earth, the environment, biodiversity and humanity to all thrive in harmony, balance and stability.

It is a community-based movement to work in partnership with Nature as an Intelligence to support the environments around us to restore their vitality, balance and stability, so that all the plants, animals and humans connected within them can thrive.

The more micro-environments that are strengthened and aligned with vitality, balance and stability, the greater the collective impact on the whole of the world.

An environment can include your garden, your home, a balcony, a plant in a pot, a tree, a public park, a hedgerow, a roadside verge, woodlands, mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans.

It can be any property, land, habitat or ecosystem, that is either in your direct care or that you share joint custodianship of with all members of the public. We are all custodians of our planet, and all of us share a responsibility for taking care of it, for ourselves, for future generations, and for all the animals and plants with whom we share this space.

Much harm has been done, resulting in unprecedented climate change and loss of habitats, species and ecosystems, leading to an inevitable catastrophe for all Life unless drastic change happens now.

While making practical and physical changes in our way of living is essential, another way that we can contribute to restoring the wellbeing of the Earth and all Life, is to support our local environments to reconnect with the strength, balance, stability, balance and vitality of Nature, at the level of energy, frequency and vibration. 

We invite you to join us in regularly taking a small and simple, and yet impactful action to support the Earth and all Life here. You can do this in the comfort of your own home, or while being physically present in the environment that you’re focusing on.

It takes 5 minutes or less, and yet can make a big difference.

Please invite your friends, family and colleagues who are also interested in supporting the environment. The more people who join in, the greater the impact we can make together.



Healing Frequencies of Nature

In The Nature Project, we strengthen the environments around us by shifting the beautiful healing frequencies that Nature herself provides into the energetic structure of the environments

We can work with the Nature Project Essencewhich combines the natural balancing, stabilising and harmonising energies and patterns of Nature, with the strength and support needed for the vitality, harmony and wellbeing for all Life. 

>> You can download this Essence for FREE here.

We can also use essential oils of plants, which as long as they are genuinely pure and are not synthetic, adulterated or contaminated, can provide healing frequencies and sacred geometrical patterns of Nature that can also support the balance, stability and vitality of an environment.

>> You can get samples of pure essential oils in the Nature Project Starter Kit.

When we infuse the energy of an essence and/or shift the energy of an essential oil to an environment with the intention of balancing, stabilising and strengthening the soil, atmosphere and elements there, we are supporting it to return its natural ability to support the harmony and wellbeing of the people, animals, plants, minerals and creativity that are a natural part of that environment.

When we do this, each one of  us can make huge impact on the harmony and wellbeing of our local environment, the Earth and all Life here.

And when we do this regularly, we can transform not only our own life but we can transform the world for the better too.

Introducing the

The Nature Project Process

The Nature Project Process is a natural energetic process that combines the Intelligence and the healing frequencies of Nature together with our human intention, to restore natural wellbeing, vitality, order and organisation to any environment that we are focusing on.  

All Life, including the Earth itself, is part of a vast energy field, an interconnected web in which each part is connected with, influences, and is influenced by every other part. 

When any part is either weakened or strengthened, it creates a ripple that spreads though and affects the whole web, either weakening or strengthening all Life.

So when we support any part to strengthen – in our case, any environment – we support the whole energy field to strengthen, balance, stabilise and revitalise.

Below is how you can do the Nature Project Process for your home, your garden and for any other land or property that you either own, rent or are responsible for maintaining – and for any shared public environment, habitat or ecosystem, such as your local public park, a hedgerow, a roadside verge, woodlands, mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans.

You can either be physically present in or beside the environment that you’re supporting, or you can be at home or somewhere else. Distance doesn’t matter as energetically you are already connected with it, especially when you are thinking of it. 

IMPORTANT: Don’t intrude on your neighbours, or on property or land owned by someone else, and only include environments, habitats and ecosystems that are either in your direct care or are under the joint guardianship of all members of the public.

Steps To Success

The Nature Project Process Steps

You will need to have the Nature Project Essence or The Nature Project Starter Kit, and about 5 minutes. (See above or below more more information about these.)

Then follow these steps as described:

  • Step 1: Intention.  Choose a specific environment that you want to support. It doesn’t matter whether it is big or small, or whether you are physically present there or if you are at home simply thinking of it.

    Have the 
    intention that you want to support the balance, stabile and vitality of this environment, and that you want to support harmony for all Life. 

    Describe the environment succinctly. You could either write down or say aloud its name, location or address, or you could give a brief description, or you could focus on a sketch, photo, plan or you could simply visualise it in your mind.

  • Step 2: Connection. Focus your attention on your chosen environment and say,

    “I want to set up to do The Nature Project Process for ….. (name or describe the environment) ……”

    Wait 10 seconds for this to happen.

  • Step 3: Transformation. Use either the Nature Project Essence and/or pure essential oils. If you are using essential oils, then intuitively choose the oil that you feel drawn to or that catches your attention.

    Place 1 drop of either the Essence or the essential oil of your choice onto your palm or onto a clean spoon. Hold your palm or the spoon out in front of you and say,

    “I want to shift the energies and infuse the frequencies of the Nature Project Essence/essential oil into the soil, atmosphere and elements of the environment I’ve described, to support its balance, stability and vitality and to provide the strength and support needed for all Life on Earth to thrive.” 

  • Step 4: Completion.  Continue to hold your palm or spoon out in front of you for 10 seconds for the shift to happen.

    The shift occurs automatically. After 10 seconds, the shift and infusion is complete and you are finished.

    You may sense the shift in strength and vitality in the environment. If you don’t sense anything that’s totally ok too – just trust that it has happened. Either way you have just strengthened an environment and made a positive impact on the wellbeing of the Earth and of all Life. 

  • Step 5: GratitudeSay thank you to Nature for co-creating with you and for joining you in this Process. Then continue on with the rest of your day.
Setting yourself up for success
The Nature Project Essence & Pure Essential Oils

As mentioned above, you will need to include the intrinsic healing frequencies of Nature in order to successfully work with The Nature Project. 

The Nature Project Essence combines the higher intention of The Nature Project with the natural balancing, stabilising and harmonising frequencies and patterns of Nature, and the strength and support needed for the vitality, harmony and wellbeing for all Life. 

>> You can download this Essence for FREE here.

Pure essential oils of plants, which are are free from contaminants, such as pesticides and other chemicals that we do not want to either energetically or physically add to any environment, and that are not synthetically made in a lab or are adulterated in any way (and therefore have little to zero healing qualities), can provide healing frequencies and sacred geometrical patterns of Nature that can also support the balance, stability and vitality of an environment.

>> You can get a Nature Project Starter Kit here, which includes samples of the best quality essential oils that I have found.

IMPORTANT: If you’re using essential oils, it’s very important that they are top quality and are genuinely pure, as if they are synthetic, or are adulterated or contaminated in any way, then they won’t be aligned with Nature. They are likely to either be made in a lab or have chemicals in them that aren’t good for the environment, and so shifting their energy into an environment may do more harm than good. Just because a label says ‘pure and natural’ on it, doesn’t mean that it actually is.