Simple Self-Healing

One Touch Technique

Coming Into Alignment

Discover The Difference It Can Make

One Touch is a simple self-healing and self-empowerment technique that connects you with your higher consciousness and with the healing, teaching and creative intelligence of the Universe. It empowers you to release stress, raise your vibration and come into your own alignment so that you can create a life that feels joyful and authentic for you.

By touching and holding – or tapping – 4 specific points on your body with a finger, normally for just a few moments, you activate your higher consciousness. As you do this stress and tensions release and your energy opens up, returns to its vitality and flows again. You open up to your Source connection, connect with the heart frequencies of the Universe and become more grounded in your body. 

It supports you to feel calm, optimistic and confident to be you. It opens your heart and brings in feelings of peace, nurturing and relaxation. It activates your intuition, and opens up your channel and connection with both the Universe and the Earth. And so much more.

One Touch is a specific frequency and technique that was given to me one night when I woke in the early hours of the morning feeling in despair and in the darkest of dark places, not knowing how I could move forward in my life.  

I became aware then that there was a presence, a Being of Light, beside me. This presence touched me on the top of my head for a few moments, then touched my heart. After a few moments there, it touched me on the soles of my feet and then the palms of my hands. It touched my head, heart, feet and hands again a second time and I began to feel absolutely wonderful. I felt incredibly light and happy! It was extraordinary! I realised that I had been given something to share that was so simple and easy yet so powerful and effective.



How to do One Touch

Touch a finger, or as many fingers as feels good, to each of the above points in turn, hold it for a few moments and then move on to the next point .

You can do this silently while simply being present with the energy, or you can feel the feelings or express with words what’s going on for you.

This could be being present with a heavy emotion that you’re feeling, expressing stressed thoughts that are repeating in your mind or describing a challenging experience that you’d love to resolve.  

It could also be being present with an emotion that you’d love to feel, expressing a new belief or affirmation that you’d love to align to or describing a new reality that you would love to manifest. 

Move through the points at your own pace, either in the order above or randomly, touching and holding each point for as long or as short as feels good for you. Repeat the sequence a few times or until your energy has lifted and aligned.

Similarities Between One Touch & EFT ('Tapping' )

One Touch and Emotional Freedom Technique, or ‘Tapping’, can both look and sound similar to each other. 

The main difference between them (apart from using different points) is that they work in different ways.

EFT supports you to release stress by tapping on acupressure points, while One Touch connects you with your higher consciousness and supports you to open up to the healing energies of the Universe.  

Both can work wonderfully together, for example by doing a round of one and then a round of the other.