Allow yourself to take a Quantum leap with

iTeraCare's Terahertz Frequencies & Quantum Scalar Technology

The iTeraCare Frequency Device is a non-invasive, drug-free, safe and natural way to support your health and wellbeing. It acts like a tuning fork, by supporting your body to entrain with the frequency of your optimal health, vitality and life-force. 

Using Terahertz frequencies, Quantum Scalar energy and Optical Quartz, it stimulates your body’s natural self-healing process to help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, deepen relaxation, ease discomforts, promote better sleep, improve skin, strengthen the immune system, support the lymphatic system, activate stem cells, release blocks, energise chakras, harmonise meridians,  and raise your overall vibration.


Terahertz is an electromagnetic wave band between microwave and infrared, and is very good for the body. It is non-ionising and has been widely used in satellite communication technology, medical detection, airport security, archaeological research, in the military and in other environments. It resonates with our cells’ optimal frequency for health, thereby activating healthy and dormant cells, and eliminating unhealthy and free radical cells. It can penetrate our body up to 20-30cm, thus reaching and optimising our body’s organs, tissues, bones and fluids.

Quantum Scalar Energy energises our cells and increases their energy fields. It can transmit vibrational energy information that can pass through physical matter and does not lose power, or decay over time or distance. This information can come from a healing substance, such as essential oils, crystals etc) and can also be directed by intention.

Optical Quartz is made of 150 crystals and minerals that amplify the frequencies generated by the device. It mimics 1/40th of the energy of the sun, and strengthens the body’s auric fields.  


Your body already knows how to heal – this device simply stimulates and supports your body to do what it already knows how to do.

This 3 minute video introduces you to how the iTeraCare Frequency Device can support you in your wellbeing and self-healing.

Invest in your health by

Having Your Own iTeraCare Frequency Device

One session with an iTeraCare Frequency Device can be equivalent to having ten sessions of acupuncture or 40 massage sessions. 

It is very simple to use, very effective and works in harmony with your body’s natural healing intelligence. 

There are 3 versions of the iTeraCare device – the Classic, the Premium and the Pro. 

The Classic very effective and is affordable; the Premium is quieter, sturdier and gives results faster than the Classic; and the Pro is also quieter than the Classic, is the sturdiest, is built for continuous use, and gives results even faster than either the Classic or the Premium.

The iTeraCare Classic (the red one) is:  US$499 in Europe,  US$450 in UK,  US$380 in USA,  US$385 in Canada or  US$420 in Australia.

The iTeraCare Premium is:  US$1,497 in Europe,  US$1,350 in UK,  US$1,140 in USA,  US$1,155 in Canada or  US$1,260 in Australia.

The iTeraCare Pro is:  US$4,990 in Europe,  US$4,500 in UK,  US$3,800 in USA,  US$3,850 in Canada or  US$4,200 in Australia.

For the price in other countries, please contact


To purchase your own iTeraCare Frequency Device, please follow the instructions below.   

Prices include shipping and 1 year warranty. All sales are final with no refunds.

  1. Click here to make your payment to Prife, the company that makes the iTeraCare device. (Please avoid 4-5pm GMT as the site is unavailable at that time each day.)
  2. Check that the Member Username shown is JT123.
  3. Enter the Amount you want to pay. (For example, if you want an iTeraCare Classic Device (the red one) sent to an address in Europe, then you will need to pay US$499, or if you want it sent to address in the US, then you will need to pay US$380.)
  4. In the space for Remarks, enter your Full Name*, a Username* of your choice that you would like to use for your own iTeraCare account, the Product* and quantity that you want to order (eg one iTeraCare Classic), your Email address*, your Phone number* and your Shipping address*. 
  5. Follow the instructions to complete your payment using either PayPal or a Credit or Debit Card.
  6. Email* to let us know that you have made the payment and we will complete your order for you.

NOTE: *To avoid delays, please ensure that you include all the information requested above, and that you then send Janine an email confirming your payment. Double-check that your email address is correct and if you have any questions, contact us at Your device will normally arrive within a week. Very occasionally, if the stockist has run out of stock and has to wait for a new delivery, then it can take up to 3 weeks.


The iTeraCare device is a certified household electrical device, does not emit harmful radiation and has labels allowing for its distribution internationally. It is not a medical device and the manufacturer does not provide medical advice. It does not diagnose, cure or treat medical issues. It is not intended to be used as a medical device or to be used in lieu of medical treatment. The user understands that they use the iTeraCare device at their own risk, are fully responsible for their own health and wellbeing, and that if they are ill, that they need to consult a trained and qualified medical practitioner. Always consult your doctor or other healthcare professional with any questions regarding any medical condition or for specific guidance regarding the optimal use of the iTeraCare device, nutrition or physical activity.