Gifted by Nature, Abundant Through Purpose (Live)


Would you love to feel confident sharing your gifts, living your purpose and having the abundance you desire in a way that is fully aligned with you being simply you – so that you can have the freedom, fulfilment and joy that you desire as an empathic, intuitive and spiritual healer, coach or wellness practitioner?

In this 90 minute live spiritual healing and coaching workshop with an intimate group of like-minded people, you’ll be releasing what’s been holding you back, aligning with your unique Spiritual Design and opening up to your gifts, purpose and potential so that you can experience the abundance, freedom and wellbeing you desire.

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Gifted by Nature, Abundant Through Purpose is a live spiritual healing and coaching workshop specifically for empathic, intuitive and spiritual healers, coaches and wellness practitioners who would love to feel completely comfortable and confident just being themselves, sharing their gifts and living their purpose, while creating the abundance that they desire.

As a sensitive, empathic person who has a calling to make a bigger difference, and who can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the myriad of energies, emotions and practicalities involved in sharing your message and your gifts, it can be challenging to stay true to yourself while also creating the abundance you desire.

It can be easy to be pulled into ‘shoulds’ and into comparing yourself with others who seem to have more success.

Self doubt and anxieties can hold you back, and being highly sensitive means that what may be straightforward to someone else, can feel completely overwhelming to you.

You may feel that you don’t really fit in to the current way that most healers, coaches and practitioners do business – and that perhaps if you just learn how to do it the way that they do, that then it’ll work for you. But it doesn’t. It just feels off, or misaligned.

Yet, you have have such a strong sense of purpose within you – that you have gifts, experiences, knowledge and wisdom that you know can help others.

It can be stressful feeling both the ‘yes, I have something to share’ driving you forward, as well as the ‘but not this way’ holding you back.

It can be draining and exhausting having this inner conflict going on within you.

AND you really really want to have the abundance of time, energy and money that would allow so much more freedom in your life.


In this 90 minute workshop, we’ll be releasing the unconscious and hidden energies that have been keeping you stuck, connect with your sacred geometry and align with your unique Spiritual Design to support you to come into flow with living your purpose and sharing your gifts and message in the way that’s aligned for you.

Together we’ll be …

  • tapping into the wisdom of your higher consciousness and accessing hidden knowledge within you – so that you can come into flow, feeling clear, confident and connected with your unique gifts, your sense of purpose and the difference you are here to make.
  • connecting with the beauty of your personal sacred geometry, and the sacred geometry of your gifts, purpose and abundance  – so that you can become open to receiving and experiencing more abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life.
  • co-creating with the frequencies of Nature and the Universe as well as the Spiritual Design MAP – so that you can feel aligned with who you truly are and can show up in your life and in your business as your true self (which will free up so much more energy and vitality for you).


The workshop will be completely tailored to you and to each person present, and we will be tuning into what is most supportive, empowering and liberating for each of you.

When we co-create together in this way, magic can happen.

This is what previous clients have shared:

“Thanks to Janine, I’ve built heaps of trust in my own intuition, higher awareness and in my capacity to channel information and energies. She has been the most important guide on my spiritual journey and has also helped me build my soul-led business. Janine is warm, supportive, extremely intuitive and reads energy like no other person I’ve ver met. She has taught me lots of spiritual tools, and I’ve been suing them for years to enrich and enhance my own life and business, as well as those of my clients. It’s the ripple effect that I love so much.” 

“Janine was the person who opened me up to the world of energy and spirituality. Her ability to read and work with energy as well as her amazing gift of understanding and co-creating with the Universe is second to none. Working with Janine is powerful, transforming and fun. Here ay of supporting you through the shifts you need to make for whatever goal you’re working towards is caring, kind and always spot on. I really can’t recommend her enough. Absolutely brilliant!”


Date & Time: ** Please subscribe here to be notified of our next date. ** (Spaces limited)

Click the link below to join me in Gifted by Nature, Abundant Through Purpose, together with an intimate group of other like-minded empathic, intuitive and spiritual healers, coaches or wellness practitioners, and allow yourself to expand into a new sense of being an infinite soul having a human life experience, living your soul’s purpose, sharing your gifts and message, and creating the abundance and prosperity you desire.

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