Personal Healing Room Session (Audio)

Listen to this audio any time you want to connect with a team of your spiritual helpers whose specific focus is to support you on your healing journey – and receive multi-dimensional healing to release stress, restore your flow and enhance your well-being as a highly-sensitive and intuitive person.


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Receiving multi-dimensional energy healing is a simple and easy way to enhance your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, be in the flow of your own potential and open up to the abundance, ease, joy, freedom and success that is meaningful to you.

The Personal Healing Room Session offers highly-sensitive, spiritual and intuitive people, who are feeling stressed, drained or overwhelmed, or who are struggling to move forward in a way that’s aligned for them, a healing environment and energetic support to return to their own flow, reconnect with their life-force and vitality, and open up to their potential, gifts and purpose.

During the 7 minute session, your energy is bathed in Frequencies of Light, nurtured by Beings of Light, and you are supported to come into a new experience of your own authentic flow and alignment.

As your energy responds to the Frequencies of Light, blocks, misalignments and dissonances that are held in your field start to release. Your vibration lifts and you’ll start to feel lighter, more at ease in your body and better able to cope with life’s stresses.

Your own inner wisdom and your higher consciousness amplify your connection with Source and direct the Light and healing energies to wherever you need it most, in your body, mind, emotions and spirit, so that you can grow and evolve in your human life experience.

The healing energy goes to wherever in your body, mind, emotions and aura it is most needed, and is directed by your higher consciousness to support you with what’s most important for you.


Those who can benefit the most from receiving the multi-dimensional healing of the Personal Healing Room Session are highly-sensitive, spiritual and intuitive people who love personal and spiritual growth, and love to work at the level of  5th dimensional energy, frequency and consciousness.

It’s not for anyone who wants a quick fix (or who wants to be fixed), who isn’t willing to consciously engage with the healing and teaching, or who isn’t open to personal and spiritual growth.


What’s included:

  • A Personal Healing Room Session Audio (10 mins)
  • A Personal Healing Room Guide, with written step by step guidance and information.


Here are some testimonials shared by other people who have experienced The Healing Room:

“The Personal Healing Room Session is fantastic. When I listen to it, I feel so much going on physically and energetically. It’s a brilliant tool for any topic or issue that might arise. So supportive.”

“I love the Personal Healing Room. I always feel so different afterwards. I feel lighter and more clear, and somehow more free in myself.”


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Refund policy
A 7 -day, no questions-asked, refund is available for the Personal Healing Room Session.





This Personal Healing Room Audio & Guide is intended for energetic support and education, and is not a substitute for professional medical, financial, business, or legal advice. Anyone struggling in these areas should seek the appropriate qualified professional advice.