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The Difference Between Sensing and Reading Energy

As highly sensitive people we can sense a lot. We are picking up on energies, emotions, thought patterns, dynamics and so much more all the time. 

To cope with life we often chose to close down our highly developed sensors very early on in life. This is very often a very wise choice as it enabled us to more fully come in to our body in a way that we may not otherwise have done. After all, this life is about being human and experiencing physical form. 

However at some point in our life the struggle to suppress our natural sensitivities can become too much. Our need to be authentic to ourselves pushes past the barriers we had erected. Our True Self wants to emerge whether we are ok with that or not. 

This can be such a confusing time. What of that which we’re sensing is our own and what is ‘other’? 

What is true and what is fake? What is part of our flow and what is an intrusion?

We find ourselves feeling, seeing, sensing or somehow just ‘knowing’ a lot – we start to perceive the invisible world of energy but we may be feeling ill-equipped to actually decipher what we’re sensing. 

We sense – but what is it that we’re sensing?

This can be overwhelming. We wonder if we may be somehow ‘not normal’.  Why aren’t others sensing this? And not only sensing it but actually making sense of it – interpreting it so that we can relate it to the familiar. 

One of the ways that we can start to make sense of what we’re sensing – to see it, feel it, know it, hear it – is to practice reading the energy

We can read energy much like reading a book. Just as there are words in a  book in an order that we understand, with each sequence of words leading to the next sequence, so too we can read energy, with each sequence of the energy we’re reading leading to the next sequence. 

The invisible field of energy starts to make sense. The experiences we and others are having start to make sense. We can start to relax and allow ourselves to become familiar with what’s really going on, not just the seeming reality of the physical world. 

In the ‘making sense’ of what we’re sensing everything calms, everything normalises and grounds. It becomes part of the world that is familiar, accommodated and allowed for. It becomes an integral part of our normal reality.

As we relax and flow with the energy that we can now read and understand more consciously we become one with the greater intelligence of creation, of evolution, of expansion. Natural flow, order and organisation show up as synchronicities and perfect timing. 

This can show up in a conversation, an interaction with a loved one, in a healing, teaching or coaching session, in a project, in travel plans and in every experience we have. 

For highly sensitive people, reading energy opens up a whole field of information, of creative energy, healing and teaching that we can tap in to and that greatly facilitates our life. 

It opens up both human as well as multi-dimensional communication and collaboration. 

It can transform our life and it can help to transform the lives of others.

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