What Happened When I Listened to the Whispers from the Universe

In 2001 I was a new single mum with my beautiful baby daughter. She had lovely dark eyes, a head-full of hair and had such a sweet, easy and calm way of being.  She was, and still is, the most wonderful blessing in my life.

I was struggling though – I was drowning in trauma and finding it very hard to keep my head above the water physically, emotionally and financially.  

When my baby was still very small I started hearing a whisper of a thought repeatedly popping into my mind.  ‘Janine, you need to make channelled essences’. 

Now while I was familiar with plant essences and loved them, I had no idea what channelled essences were, how to make them or if they were even real. I was also familiar with working with Nature Intelligence and with my team of spiritual helpers, but I was barely coping already and the thought of taking on board a whole new unknown project felt totally and completely overwhelming. 

So I said no and ignored the whispers. 

The more I ignored them though, the harder I found it to cope. The harder I found it to cope the more the words kept coming into my mind. ‘Janine, you need to make channelled essences’. 

Then one night I couldn’t sleep. I was lying awake, feeling miserable under my duvet, feeling so overwhelmed and in so much pain.  Once again the same whisper came into my mind  – only this time I surrendered. 

I thought , ‘I feel so bad, things can’t get any worse. So ok yes Universe! I’ll make these channelled essences – as long as you tell me exactly what to do!!’

And it was incredible! As soon as I said this I suddenly felt amazing! 

I had no idea what I was doing or even if I was a little bit mad,  but I felt so excited, I had loads of energy coursing through me and I felt so good that even if I was going a bit cuckoo saying yes had to be right. 

Immediately I sat upright, wide awake. I straight away was given my first instructions by the wonderful intelligences and beings of my team of spiritual helpers.

They told me, ‘Get a small bottle of water, a pen and a label’, so I got a little brown dropper bottle that I had, a pen and little sticky label. Then they said, ‘Sit on the bed and put the bottle in front of you’, so I did. 

‘Now be present and wait for 15 minutes. ‘ So I patiently waited, sitting cross legged on my bed, a blanket around my shoulders, still wondering was I slightly crazy but still feeling really good so going with it. 

‘Now have a sip of the water’. So I drank a little bit of the water and straight away I could feel my energy shifting, releasing and realigning. It was wonderful!

They finished up by saying, ‘In two days time, bring another bottle and we’ll make another‘. 


~ This is how I started my amazing journey of being taught how to hold the space for high vibrational healing, teaching and awareness to be grounded into water so that it can be easily accessed at any time. Many, many, many essences came in in this way. At first each one took 15 minutes to make – now many different ones can come in both simultaneously and instantly. 

At first I was using the essences for myself for my own healing. But soon other people began asking to use them too. I found that healing and transformation could come in for people, at first with the essences to support the process then without. 

The rest, as they say, is history. 🙂

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