Grow Your Business by Spiritual Design

A 3 month program for heart-entered entrepreneurs who want to create an aligned and authentic business that they can feel proud of, and that gives them freedom, ease, joy and abundance.



We know that you would love to have a thriving business that is joyful and fulfilling, in which you can share your gifts and message, attract and connect with your ideal clients and customers, and that gives you an abundant income that can easily support the lifestyle you desire.

You may have tried many ways to move forward, to create a bigger income, to reach the people you know you can help, to live your purpose and to follow your dreams.

You might have had sporadic success but the sustainable growth that you long for hasn’t worked out – and this may have felt draining, frustrating and sometimes even boring.

Grow Your Business by Spiritual Design‘ is for those who love to work at the level of energy, frequency and vibration.

It is for women who are ready to open up to their potential and to having success in their own unique, authentic and natural way, reaching more people, making more money and living a lifestyle that they love.

Throughout this 3 month program, we will be tuning into the Spiritual Design of your ideal doTERRA or iTeraCare business, so that you can create and manifest it in a way that is fully aligned with you –  in a way that feels energising, joyful and fulfilling.

In the quantum field everything already exists and so your ideal business also already exists – and we will be introducing you to the Spiritual Design MAP that will help you to navigate the process of bringing it from the quantum field into physical form, in 20 minutes or less a day.

Your Program Facilitators: Janine Thorp and Liz Svensson

Who is this for: Conscious, heart-entered and intuitive women who are proactive, self-motivated, caring and who know that they can make a bigger difference, and who have (or would like to start) a coaching, healing or service-based business.

Requirement: You’ll need to have either doTERRA essential oils or an iTeraCare Frequency Device to support you during this program.  Find out more about doTerra essential oils here and about the iTeraCare Frequency Device here.

Date & Time: TBC

Trial Month Offer: Join us for the first month and then decide whether you would like to continue or not. (This Trial Offer is only available when you choose the pay-in-instalments option. If you decide that it’s not for you, then we will simply cancel the 2nd and 3rd instalments.)


If you have any questions, or would like to find out more, please email or, and we would be happy to help.

We can’t wait to see you there. 🙂