Aligned by Nature

Release the energies that have been holding you back and align with your natural and authentic flow – so that you can create the ease, joy, freedom and abundance you long for – with the support of the healing frequencies of nature.


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Energy Healing and Alignment is the foundational element of not only aligning with your unique Spiritual Design, but also of tapping into the energy, power and gifts of your unique Spiritual Design.

The more clear, aligned and in flow your energy is, the more you can be true to yourself and the more easily you can attract, create and manifest what you desire.

By connecting with the healing frequencies of the Spirit of Nature EO Essences and pure essential oils, you can heal what’s been holding you back and align with what you would love.

You can completely shift your energy from feeling drained, in struggle and low self-esteem, to feeling uplifted, optimistic, and that you matter. Lack changes to abundance, fear to love and struggle to flow.

And this is exactly what this self-guided program can help you with.

Who is this program for?

This program is for all healers, coaches, practitioners and Light-workers who are ready to prioritise themselves, love themselves and take care of their own energy, needs and desires – so that they can create the change they long to experience in their life and in their world.

It is for those who love nature and who are ready to allow the healing energies of nature to support them.

You will naturally start letting go of what you no longer need and creating more of what you would love in your life.

In this program, you’ll:

  • Learn how to tap into the wonderful healing and teaching frequencies of nature – and how they can help you to release stress, come into flow and open up to more of what you desire.  
  • Learn how to easily and simply clear and align your energy – so that no matter what stresses or challenges you’re experiencing, you have the ability to completely transform how you’re experiencing them.
  • Release blocks and unconscious resistances that have been held in your energy field – including from your channel, aura, chakras, meridians, and more.
  • Release unconscious limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions – so that you have the emotional and mental freedom to live your life in your way.
  • Open up your intuition and expand your confidence in your ability to sense and read energy – so that you can trust your inner guidance no matter what you’re experiencing.
  • Discover and create a completely new natural and authentic-to-you way of being, doing and having- so that you can move forward in flow in your life, experience more of what lights you up, inspires you and energises you, and so much more.

You’ll come away with the clarity and confidence that you can support yourself through any experience or challenge in the future, and that you have the knowledge and skills that you need to align with anything that you would love. 

It includes:

  • Module 1: Nature’s Frequencies – and how they can support you to connect with your own flow, release stress, and align with well-being, harmony and abundance.
  • Module 2: Essential Oils of Plants – and how these can support you to open up to the healing energies of plants and the wisdom of nature.
  • Module 3:  Your  Energy learn simple ways to tune in to your energy, release any blocks that may be holding you back, and restore flow and alignment so that you can move forward with ease.
  • Module 4: Aligning Your Energyheal and align your channel, aura, chakras, meridians, intuition, nervous system, and more, so that you can feel lighter, brighter and more spacious.
  • Module 5: Aligning Your Bodyheal and align your emotions, thoughts and beliefs and physical body, so that you can feel empowered, free, optimistic, energised and in flow. 
  • Module 6: Aligning Your Lifeheal and align your home, relationships, finances, purpose and career so that your whole life can feel more joyous, energising and fulfilling.
  • Module 7: Moving Forwards in Flow – move forward with ease, and embody and manifest the ease, joy, abundance, freedom and anything else that you desire. 

Plus you’ll receive …

  • A Simple Space Clearing Bonus:  Learn super simple ways to clear the energy of your home, office, car or anywhere else, and align it with love, peace, abundance, joy and freedom – so that you can be fully supported by the energy of your environment as you love yourself more, take care of your needs and desires, and create a life that you love.

You’ll have access to this program for a full year after you purchase it. I suggest allowing  about a month to complete this program, however you can take as long as you like – you could do it in a weekend if you wish or you could work with it over several months, whatever feels good for you. Once you’ve completed it, you can also return to it to support you with any new challenge, dream or goal.

Recommendations: This program includes all of the Spirit of Nature EO Essences and their affirmations. However I do recommend that you also have the deck of Spirit of Nature EO Essence Cards, as this will create an easier and more fun experience for you. You can find out more about these here.  I also recommend that you have one of doTerra’s essential oils starter kits, as having the physical essential oils will really support you to become more grounded, clear and aligned so that you can manifest what you desire even more quickly and easily. You can find out more about these here.



What can I expect from doing the program?  You’ll come away feeling a renewed sense of Self, that you’ve stepped out of the matrix and are no longer trapped by old paradigms or ways of being in the world – and that you’re free to create a life you love in a completely new way, feeling confident, connected, balanced and stable.

Who is this for?  Conscious, sensitive, empathic and intuitive people – especially healers, coaches and practitioners – who would like to connect more fully with nature’s healing and teaching frequencies – and want to discover a unique way to tune into and create greater health, abundance, freedom, fulfilment and happiness in a way that’s aligned with their True Self.

Who is this NOT for? This is not for people who want a quick fix, who don’t want to take responsibility for creating what they desire, or who are not willing to invest their time and energy into loving and caring for themselves and supporting themselves to become the version of themselves who already has what they desire.

Do I need anything other than this program? This program includes all of the Spirit of Nature EO Essences. However, having the deck of Spirit of Nature EO Essence Cards and/or a starter kit of doTerra’s essential oils, will create an easier, speedier, more grounded and fun experience for you. Click here to find out more about the cards and click here to find out more about the essential oils.

Is this a live program?  No, this is a completely self-paced program, without any live calls with Janine. Having said that, please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.

Do you offer a money back guarantee or refunds?  NO, we don’t offer any refunds. This is because in order to get amazing results, you need to feel and to be fully committed. While the program is extremely powerful , it is neither the program nor Janine that will give you the results – that is up to you and your own commitment to grow.
If you start the program feeling half-hearted about it, then you will get half-hearted results – and if you start the program having fully decided that it’s your time now, and that you are all in, then you will get amazing results.

I may not be able to implement the program now – will I able to purchase now and do it later?  Yes absolutely. You can implement it in your own timing and at your own pace.

Will I have immediate access and for how long? Yes, after purchasing it you will have immediate access and you will be able to access it for a full year after purchase.

How much is this program?  Your investment is €222. To purchase it, click the link above or below and make your payment.
Investment: €222

Click here to purchase