Allowing Your Abundance Workshop

Would you love to have the wealth, abundance and prosperity you desire – so that you have the freedom to show up authentically, make a bigger difference in the world and live a life that you love?


Now available in The Healing Room Library

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In this 2 hour workshop, I show you how to:

  • release the limiting energies that are keeping you stuck at your current level of income,
  • activate and come into alignment with your next level freedom, abundance and prosperity,
  • and come away with the knowledge of how you can up-level your wealth any time you want to.

Sign up for this workshop, and come away feeling clear, confident and connected with your next-level wealth, aligned with your intuition and inspiration, and open to receiving the money and freedom you’d love.

What you’ll get when you sign up:

  • The 2 hour workshop recording that you can watch (and re-watch) at any time, including FAQs,
  • A guidebook to support you to align your energy with abundance, wealth and prosperity, and open your channel to receive,
  • A Wealth Codes Activation Meditation that you can listen to at any time to upgrade your energy, emotions and beliefs around your worthiness and ability to have more financial wealth in your life.


Here’s just a snippet of what I share inside the Allowing Your Abundance Workshop:

  • A simple way to access the higher intelligence within you, and to activate and align with your next-level wealth and prosperity  – so that you can become fully present on Earth, make the bigger difference you feel inspired to make and create a life that you feel fulfilled, inspired and energised by.
  • How to identify and finally release The Main Big Thing that has been keeping you stuck and that has prevented you from being able to increase your income up until now.
  • How to up-level your wealth and abundance without draining your energy or sacrificing your well-being – so that you have the time, energy and money for the other important things in your life too.
  • How to feel financially empowered so that you have the freedom to show up as authentically you, creating, expressing or sharing your soul gifts and message, and making the unique difference that you are here to make.


This is what some past participants have shared: 

~  “That was divine and so powerful.”
~  “Wow – what a crazy powerful workshop!”
~  “This was so valuable – I had so many AHA’s about how I’ve been keeping myself from abundance.”
~  “That was beautiful – I feel so calm and expanded.”
~  “This has shifted so much for me – thank you!”


This workshop is now available in The Healing Room Library

>> Find out more about The Healing Room Library