Divine Communication Workshop

Would you love to easily communicate with your highest vibration spiritual helpers, including beautiful Beings of Light, Nature Intelligence and Universal Consciousnesses, so that you can access their incredible support to increase your health, wealth and happiness?


Now available in The Healing Room Library

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In this 2 hour workshop, I show you how to:

  • have relaxed 2-way conversations with your highest vibration spiritual helpers, including Beings of Light and Nature and Universal Intelligences,
  • have fun as you discover and explore how to consciously engage and co-create with them in any area of your life,
  • and come away with the clarity and confidence that you can communicate with them on any topic you like (and start to experience a whole new phase of your life).

Sign up for the workshop and come away feeling confident that you can easily and clearly communicate with the love, wisdom and intelligence of the Universe.

What you’ll get when you sign up:

  • The 2 hour workshop recording that you can watch (and re-watch) at any time, including FAQs,
  • A guidebook to support you to get to know your spiritual guides and how you can communicate with them at any time to receive their healing, guidance and inspiration,
  • An audio meditation that you can listen to at any time to support you whenever you would like to have a healing session with them to support you with any challenge to dream you have.


Here’s just a snippet of what I share inside The Divine Communication workshop:

  • A simple way to communicate with your spiritual helpers so that you feel completely safe, clear and confident.
  • How to ensure that you are connecting and communicating with only the highest vibration Beings, Intelligences and Consciousnesses.
  • How to receive their amazing support for any specific challenge or dream that you would like to focus on – whether that is your health, finances, your soul-business, a creative project, a relationship or anything else.
  • How to stay grounded, balanced and stable as you raise your frequency and deepen your connection with your spiritual helpers, with beautiful Beings of Light, with Nature Intelligence and with Universal Consciousnesses – and of course with your own Divine Self.


This is what some past participants have shared: 

~ “Wow, this was amazing. I really loved how I felt when I connected with my guides.”
~ “[During the workshop] I connected with a group consciousness and since that day I’ve been receiving very clear communication and guidance.”
~ “I really enjoyed the workshop. I found it so empowering. I have had lovely spiritual communications since then … it’s a feeling of coming home.”
~[Due to this workshop] I started finding that I had more connection with my channel and that I was able to write again. I’m tapping into my own knowing and wisdom differently and I trust myself more. I feel so amazing.”
~ “It’s just so incredible everything that came in during the session. It was all so perfect for me, and it was perfect for everyone.”


This workshop is now available in The Healing Room Library

>> Find out more about The Healing Room Library